Throop can produce Rapid Set or Type II concrete for airports, in remote mountain areas, on water and almost anywhere in the United States.

Concrete Projects

Within limited time-frames — and under the threat of strict liquidated damages in the event of failure to finish on time — the George L. Throop Company, a California-based ready-mix concrete producer, is doing projects from producing rapid-setting, high-strength specialty concrete to repairing airport pavements to soil remediation to producing specialty concrete for footings and slabs on mountain tops for phone cell sites coast-to-coast — all using their volumetric mobile concrete batch plant mixers.

Multifaceted George L. Throop Co. is a Pasadena, California-based building materials supplier that makes conventional concrete mixes as well as specialty concretes. That's in addition to operating a popular building materials retail store in that city. But its specialty concrete practice is what sets it apart from its peers.

Throop Company specializes in concrete projects on islands, at marinas, on LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) projects, on remote mountain tops, doing freeway concrete panel replacement, airport runway repairs, nuclear waste sites, grout construction projects and more.

Various projects the George L. Throop Company has completed: