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List of Building Materials Available

We carry a variety of construction building materials. You can come in and pick up the building materials yourself orcement_blocks_stacked_rd_350x232
we can deliver them to your construction site.

We carry the following construction building materials in Pasadena, California, on Fair Oaks Avenue just off of the Fair Oaks exit from the 210 Freeway:

  • Brick, red (new and used)
  • Cement
    • Portland Type II cement
    • Portland Type III cement
    • White cement
    • Rapid Set® cement
    • Rapid Set mortar
    • Rapid Set non-shrink grout
    • Rapid Set concrete mix
    • Rapid Set DOT mix
    • Rapid Set Eisenwall
    • Rapid Set stucco mix
  • Concrete block
  • Trailer-haul wet pre-mixed concrete
  • Dirt
  • Drop Ceiling Panels
  • Hardware Tools
  • Insulation — fiberglass or rigid sheets of insulation
  • Premixed and Powdered Joint Compounds
  • Landscaping Materials — planter mix, dirt, decomposed granite, decorative gravel for ground cover, rocks, cobbles, boulders, etc.
  • Marking Lime (used for marking grass fields – soccer, baseball, football, etc.)
  • Miracle Lime/Type S
  • Lumber
  • Various building papers
    • 15 lb felt building paper
    • 30 lb felt building paper
    • Red Rosin paper (Useful in a wide variety of construction applications, including roofing, flooring, and as a general jobsite protective covering. When used as an inner liner in wall, roofing, or wood flooring applications. Red Rosin paper acts as a separation barrier, protecting against wind and dust infiltration, while minimizing squeaks. It is compatible with coal tar and asphalt-based roofing systems.)
  • Throop Company is a hardware store and building materials company

  • Sewer and Drain Pipe
  • Planter Mix
  • Plastering Materials
  • USG Industrial Plasters and Gypsum Cement Products
  • Rocks, Cobbles, Boulders, and all sizes of Aggregates
    • Pea gravel
    • 3/4 inch gravel
  • Henry’s Roofing Products
  • Sand
    • Plaster sand
    • Concrete sand
    • Fill sand (available on special order)
    • Silica sand
  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel and Mesh
  • Stucco
  • Stucco Wire and Metal Lath
  • Wallboard

Contact us for pricing on having your building materials delivered to your construction site.