George L. Throop Company is a specialty ready-mix concrete producer

Ready-mix Concrete Producer

The George L. Throop Company is a national specialty ready-mix concrete producer. We can produce from 1 to 100 cubic yards per hour or more of fresh ready-mix concrete with our mobile concrete batch plants specializing in Rapid Set concrete. We produce ready-mix concrete and grouts using our portable concrete batch plants in remote locations from the desert to the sea to islands and everywhere in between throughout the United States. The Throop Company has completed many ready mix concrete projects all over the United States from 1,000's of yards of concrete freeway road panel replacement for Caltrans in California to airport concrete projects in Atlanta, Georgia. Within the United States we have completed many ready mix concrete projects using our mobile concrete batch plants. We have produced specialty ready-mix concrete for airports for hardstand replacement, building airport concrete access roads, full-depth airport concrete runway panel replacement, and upgrading airport concrete runway lighting. We have produced concrete using our mobile batch plants throughout California and within the United States including Ohio, South Carolina, Georgia, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and in many other locations both near cities and in remote locations.

Our volumetric mobile concrete portable batch plants range in size from small truck mounted units to large 18-wheel trailer-haul concrete mobile batch plants. We pride ourselves in producing standard cement mixes (Type II cement mixes) as well as specialized concrete mix designs such as Rapidset, fast-setting or rapid strength concrete that can achieve 3,000 PSI in 1.5 hours - meaning that a driveway, road, street, or runway that just had its concrete placed is drivable in a little over an hour. Such fast-drying concrete saves time which in turn saves money.

We were the first Certified Rapid Set® fast-setting and high strength concrete producer in the United States; we have more years of experience using Rapid Set concrete than any other concrete ready mix producer.

Filter Media Supplier

The Throop Company also supplies bulk filter media such as filter sand, filter gravel, filtration gravel, filter silica sand, garnet sand, green sand, anthracite coal and granular activated carbon filter media for a wide variety of water purification and chemical purification applications to many different industries. We supply bulk filter media in 50 lb or 100 lb sacks. We also offer filter media for water or chemical filtration in 3,000 lb supersacks or by the truckload. Our extensive experience has given us versatility in our overall knowledge of the different applications for water filter media. We can assist in estimating quantities and types of sand, rock and other layers of filter materials in the overall filter media design desired and therefore we can help you achieve your ultimate goal of a well-working filtration system.

Day or night, weekends or holidays, 24/7, we are at your service with over 90 years of material handling experience.

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