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Spalled Concrete Repair Products

Concrete Road Repair FastPatch is available from the George Throop Company in Pasadena, CA. They are the exclusive California distributor for FastpatchThe George Throop Company has many excellent Concrete Repair products to make long lasting repairs to concrete. Spall concrete repairs, random concrete cracking, longitudinal and transverse joints are among the many applications the concrete repair products we carry.

The Throop Company sells POLYQuik Fastpatch fast setting concrete repair products. Each product we sell has been developed to repair very specific concrete problems. These concrete repair products have taken years to perfect and are fast curing, tough materials. Each different product is designed with ready-to-use packaging to meet specific concrete repair needs.

Depending on the product, each of the FastPatch products are sold in a variety of sizes – cartridges, 5-gallon buckets, 50-gallon drums or 275-gallon totes. Production and placement of FastPatch can be done in precisely the required amount needed so that there is very little waste. Read More about FastPatch . . .

Filter media sold by the Throop Company shown to be sold in Super SacksFilter Media and Specialty Rocks

The George L. Throop Co. supplies filter media for a wide variety of applications and companies. This versatility is a testimony to our range of knowledge and strict standards for high product quality depending on the application and specifications you may have.

We supply filter gravel, silica sand, garnet sand, manganese green sand, ilmenite, anthracite coal, activated carbon, resins, birm, and activated alumina in all sizes throughout the United States and overseas. Meets and exceeds AWWA and NSF standard 61 certified specifications.

Sign of George Throop Building Materials in Pasadena, CaliforniaBuilding Materials Retail store in Pasadena, CA

Our retail store in Pasadena, CA, has many building materials products for sale. Please visit our retail store location at 444 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, California.