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Specialty custom concrete from the George L. Throop Company means that by using our mobile batch plants and our experience we can produce many different types of concrete mix designs on-site.

Specialized Cement Mix Designs

colored_concrete_rd_300x199There are many different and varied types and kinds of cement mix designs that can be created with all cement types from Type I to Type V, including white cement, Rapid Set® Cement and Rapid Set Latex Modified Cement. Different colors of aggregates or rocks can be used to change the texture and color. In addition, chemical colors and chemicals can be added to effect the appearance. The Throop Company will be happy to help with your particular cement mix design.

Types of Specialty Cements and Concrete

By blending various and specific concrete materials together we have the ability to produce on-site the following types of concrete mixtures to meet your needs:

  • Rapid Set Concrete
  • Regular TYPE II cement mixes
  • All cement types — I-V and white cement (used for numerous applications)
  • Grouts — all brands and types from normal to highly specialized
  • Architectural concrete
  • Oil well cement
  • Colored concrete
  • High density concrete
  • Mix designs using all types of cements and aggregates
  • Latex Modified Concrete – Rapid Set
  • Lightweight concrete
  • Foundry or flame resistant concrete (high temperature resistant concrete)
  • Landscape applications — porous concrete (for the base of trees), decomposed granite mixed with cement
  • Slurry mixes
  • Self-leveling flooring materials
  • White concrete

View our list on the right of the different applications where our specialty concretes can be used with our mobile or portable batch plant.