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George Throop Company in Pasadena has produced specialty architectural concrete for many construction projectsThe Throop Company, over the years, has worked with architects to produce specific results required to get the design that the architects want in construction projects. The Throop Company is flexible, knowledgeable and experienced with producing small or large volumes of concrete. We teach and work with crews to complete each construction project on time.

The following are various architectural concrete projects we have completed:

South Coast Air Quality Management District Headquarters
Diamond Bar, California

Rockwin Precast, Perris, Calif. produced all of the architectural precast for this high profile project.

The George L. Throop Company was hired by PCL Contractors to duplicate the architectural precast on-site. A portable silo and temporary bunkers were erected for the bulk materials to produce the architectural cast-in-place concrete. Cement used was Type III from California Portland Cement Co. The exact mix design used by Rockwin was duplicated by George L. Throop company on-site.

Loyola Marymount University
Los Angeles, California
Central Plant Building

Throop Company performed concrete work on the Central Plant Building at Loyola Marymount University Main Campus


Robert E. McKee contractors hired the Throop Company to produce architectural cast-in-place concrete for Loyola Marymount University, in Los Angeles, for the exterior of the Central Plant building. Type III Cement was used from California Portland Cement Co. All concrete was placed with a boom pump.We completed the job on time and within budget.


City of Los Angeles Balboa Blvd. Bridge
6100 Balboa Blvd., Reseda, CA

architectural_concrete_bridge_rd_298x183The City of Los Angeles Balboa Blvd. bridge crosses the Los Angeles River in the Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area. The George L. Throop Company produced on-site a mix design that included white cement, white sand, and white rock. The L.A. City inspectors witnessed the calibration of the mix design. 28-day strength was achieved in three days. The concrete mix was pumped approximately 250 ft. and went into place perfectly. We imported the materials to produce the special mix design from sources all over the United States. White cement or Type III High early strength cement are typical cements used for lighter colors. All of our equipment met and continues to meet or exceed standards set by the ASTMC685.

The above photo shows the produced special white cement by the George L. Throop Company to repair the City of Los Angeles Balboa Blvd. bridge. This bridge is located at 6100 Balboa Blvd., Reseda, CA