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Environmental Cleanup on Contaminated Soil and Soil Remediation Treatment Projects

The George Throop Company has been doing soil remediation, environmental soil cleanup and cleaning contaminated soil on-site since the early 1990’s. We specialize in stabilization/solidification technology. Stabilization and solidification technology relies on the reaction between a binder and the soil to stop, prevent or reduce the mobility of the contaminants. Remediation usually has regulatory requirements involved based on the assessments of human health or ecological risks in place. We have a very high safety record, highly trained and experienced personnel, we own our own equipment, and our financial stability allows us to qualify for virtually any environmental remediation project. Read more about some of our soil remediation projects:

remediation_Santa_Barbara_01b_300x185Santa Barbara Junk Yard Cleanup Project
County of Santa Barbara Fire Dept
1,000 cubic yards treated

This contaminated soil cleanup site was a small (3/4-1 acre) parcel located on a residential lot north of the 101 freeway in Santa Barbara, CA. Review of the site history indicated that the property had been utilized for many years as a scrap metal yard, junk yard and salvage yard. To facilitate a property transfer, the property owner was required to remediate the polluted soil onsite that contained elevated concentrations of heavy metals and hydrocarbons.
Read more about our Santa Barbara Junk Yard soil remediation project

remediation_Irwindale_big1_300x171Irwindale Toxic Substances Soil Cleanup Project
California Department of Toxic Substances Control
1,500 cubic yards treated

Southwest Products, Inc., in Irwindale, CA, was a part of a whistleblower case where hazardous waste including waste cutting oils and solvents was allegedly sprayed through a sprinkler system onto the dirt lot south of their building on their neighbor’s property. In September, 1994, the property owner signed a Voluntary Cleanup Agreement (Docket No. HAS 97/98-036) with the State of California, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). The Department of Toxic Substances Control supervised and approved all cleanup activities at the polluted site. Read more about our Irwindale Toxic Substances environmental remediation project.

remediation_Steel_Mill_1a_300x215TAMCO Steel Mill Contaminated Soil Cleanup Project
Arrow Highway, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
California Department of Toxic Substances Control
1,875 cubic yards treated

Blocked drains caused storm flooding at the Tamco property. Storm water runoff flowed through a railroad bridge and deposited lead contaminated sediment onto adjacent property south of the Tamco property.

Clean Up Technology was hired and conducted an assessment of the contaminated area. Bench scale tests were conducted and determined that Cement Kiln Dust from California Portland Cement would be the best medium to treat the contaminated soil. Read more about the TAMCO Steel Mill contaminted soil onsite cleanup project.