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Applications of cement and concrete, road repair services from George Throop Company

Applications of Concrete Services from George Throop Company

The George L. Throop Company uses its concrete producing services to deliver outstanding value to each concrete project. As a specialty ready-mix concrete producer, we use our portable volumetric concrete mixer mobile concrete batch plants and apply our skills, over 90 years of material handling experience and high standards to many different industries in the market place.

We have proven experience and multiple referrals and references for our high productivity and outstanding services in the following market areas:

Freeway and Highway Concrete Repair

Cellular Foam Concrete


Street and City Concrete Repair

  • Bus lane repair
  • Bus pad concrete replacement
  • Intersection concrete replacement
  • City Street repair
  • Bridge repair and reinforcement for earthquake safety

Architectural Concrete

  • Architectural cast-in-place concrete
  • Duplicate architectural precast on-site
  • Bridge construction

Soil Remediation and Environmental Cleanup of Contaminated Soil

Marine Concrete Construction

  • Marine concrete repair
  • Mooring posts or blocks
  • Concrete construction on barges
  • Concrete pier

Nuclear Tank Closure

Radiation Shielding

  • Heavy concrete for radiation shielding. Concrete is an almost perfect material for shielding properties against neutron and gamma-rays in hospitals and clinics due to its intrinsic water content and relatively high-density which makes it the most widely used material for radiation shielding. Heavy concrete is also adaptable and can be placed into variously shaped structures to meet building specifics.

Oil Industry

  • Offshore oil platform concrete and grout production


  • Concrete Launching pads
  • Concrete Roads
  • Building pads and concrete foundations
  • Fire training concrete slabs
  • Berthing

Communications Industry

Under Road Underground Construction

Remote Locations