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batch_plant_barge_lift_rd_300x226Whether you have 10 cubic yards of concrete to pump 150 ft under water or 2,000 cubic yards of concrete to place on an island or a pier, the George L. Throop Company is truly qualified to handle the concrete production in and around, above and below water. We understand the challenges of working around water and know how to deal with issues like temperature changes, water pressure and the impact of moisture in the air and its effect on producing concrete. We have knowledge about cement additives that can be added to help the concrete reach its proper strength at the right time in spite of the variable temperature and moisture in the air that occurs when around large bodies of water.

Our concrete mobile batch plants have worked on barges for weeks at a time filling mooring cells on the Ohio river using a tremie pipe. We have stabilized marine piers, marina docks and boat docks.

batch_plant_barge_ship_rd_300x212Below is a partial list of previous marine projects the George L. Throop Company has completed on time and within budget:


San Diego specialty concrete Outfall project by George Throop Company