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Freeway, Highway and Road Panel Replacement and Repair

George Throop Company Best Concrete Producer works on Freeways nation-wideThe Throop Company’s breadth and depth of experience can benefit all stages of a concrete freeway slab replacement project. We have worked on almost every freeway or highway in southern California from San Diego, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Santa Monica (just to name a few). We have poured Rapid Set concrete and Type II cement in places like Las Vegas, Lost Hills, King City, the San Francisco bay area, Sacramento, in Nevada,  in the state of Washington, New York, Virginia and across the United States in over 10 states.

We work under a general contractor who coordinates the cutting and removal of the damaged slabs, prepares the areas for the concrete, and performs the placing, finishing, and curing of the concrete. The Throop Company is primarily involved with producing the concrete; but we know and understand the process of the freeway panel replacement operation so well that we can help the general contractor with recommendations and suggestions. Because of our many years of experience in the entire freeway panel replacement process the George L. Throop Company can enhance a crews’ work flow, materials movement processes and methods throughout.

George Throop Company produces concrete for Caltrans doing highway, street, freeway and road repair primarily replacing concrete freeway panelsWe are hired to produce the concrete to replace the deteriorating concrete road panels that occur on busy, high-traffic freeways and highways. Each freeway panel is a slab of concrete that is usually 16 feet long, 12 feet wide and 9-12 inches deep. Construction is usually at night and on weekends when traffic volume is lower. We work with the general contractor to coordinate the movement of materials in relationship with the traffic and the needed lane closures; we completely understand the risky environment of doing freeway road work and are very safety conscious.

The George L. Throop custom-designed volumetric batch plant mixers are perfect for producing rapid strength concrete. Using our equipment and skilled operators to pour new concrete freeway panels allows Caltrans and other transportation organizations to open up the freeway or highway to traffic within 2 hours – sometimes less. We are experts at coordinating the raw materials and staging the process required to produce the concrete.

George Throop uses mobile batch plants to pour new freeway concrete panels for Caltrans freeway concrete panel replacement projectsCaltrans requires our batch plants to be examined and calibrated every month — and we have met or exceed those Caltrans requirements each and every time.

We have been doing freeway and highway panel replacement repair for Caltrans for many years. Contact us and find out how we can be a part of your team doing concrete freeway panel replacement.

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Concrete Repair using Mobile Batch Plants, Rapid Set, Fast Patch fast setting repair for concrete and asphalt, and Retail Building Materials in Pasadena, CA
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