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Grout Concrete Construction Using Mobile Batch Plants

concrete_grout_rd_300x207Grout is generally composed of a mixture of water, cement, sand and sometimes fine gravel. This construction material can have its uses range from embedding rebars in masonry walls, connect sections of pre-cast concrete, fill voids, and seal joints (like those between tiles). Sometimes color tint is applied to grout which hardens over time, much like mortar.

The Throop Company mobile batch plant equipment can mix all brands and types of grout. Aggregates can be added to extend the grout for thicker applications. We can produce from zero to 10 cubic yards or more per batch plant using our customized concrete mixing equipment.

Adding color to our concrete mobile batch plants in order to match the new grout to a structure that pre-exists or to color the grout is no problem for the George L. Throop Company. We use only certified colors for the highest quality results. In addition, tests are always done before the final application to ensure quality color matching.


Emergency Repair Producing Grout
Santa Ana Police Facility
City of Santa Ana, California

City of Santa Ana Police FacilityA new high rise police facility was under construction when a rare storm hit Orange County, California. Over two million gallons of water washed out of the base under a ground floor slab. This left voids from 4″-18″ deep under the slab. Goss Construction called upon the George L. Throop Company to produce a grout mixture of type II cement, fly ash, and it had to be the type of cement that had expansive qualities. Just less than 40 cubic yards was produced before noon to complete the filling of the voids. The Throop Company equipment was well suited for this project. There was no waste. We mixed exactly what was needed and we were able to stop, start and move the grouting equipment inside and outside the building as needed. Goss personnel told us they tried to do this with a normal ready-mix truck but, unfortunately, most of the mix stuck to the fins and was a complete failure. We were able to complete the project quickly with no waste and we had very happy clients to top it off!


Placing Grout at Machinery Bases for New Production Facility
Mitsubishi Steel Fabrication Plant
Santa Fe Springs, California

Industrial Contracting Engineers called upon the George L. Throop Company to mix large quantities of Unisorb brand grout and place the grout through a concrete pump to place it at numerous machine bases. Due to the thickness of the forms, pea rock was added to the mix, up to 50% by weight, to help the flowability and stability. This grout was excellent for this application because it will have a long pot life, allowing the finishers to get their job done. Unisorb had a representative on-site to approve the consistency. Our equipment allowed the production to stop and start the pour which helped us to be more accurate and to not create any extra waste.