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Concrete Services from Concrete producers George Throop Company, Pasadena, CA

Concrete Construction Services

The George Throop Company provides concrete construction services and filter media that delivers outstanding value to each customer we serve. We practice our core values in our work, giving our customers an experience of trust and customer advocacy that is unique in the business. We seek to serve our customers in a wide spectrum of multiple industries.

  • We are at your concrete construction service 24 hours a day/7 days a week. We will work around your schedule. An emergency response program is available.
  • We have 100 years of material handling experience; our company started in 1921.
  • Our mobile batch plants allow us to do small or big jobs; no limit to the size of the job.
  • Custom concrete mix designs are our specialty.
  • We work on islands, mountain tops, deserts, and on water — locations can be anywhere.

On-Site Concrete and Grout Production

We are able to produce concrete for a construction contractor who needs as little as 3 yards in one day or as much as 1,500 yards each day for months! We have the resources to set up on-site for any period of time. With portable silos, mobile concrete batch plants, trucks and loaders, we can set up and start producing concrete in a matter of a few hours, and concrete production is continuous. No productivity is lost waiting for concrete trucks to arrive or make round trips through traffic. Equipment and labor can be efficiently scheduled.

On-site concrete production allows our customers to tailor the concrete production to their needs in product, volume and schedule. We help to coordinate and plan out the project using our expert knowledge and years of experience. By being on site, we can also provide special cements like Rapid Set or latex-modified concretes. Rapid Set hydrates (sets) to strength within one hour. That kind of timing needs expert handling and we can do it.

Cellular Lightweight Foam Concrete from the Concrete Experts

Cellular foam concrete is a lightweight concrete. The George Throop company has been producing it using their mobile batch plants since the early 2000’s. Lightweight concrete is produced by substituting some or all of the aggregate particles with a uniform cellular structure of air cells (voids) found in standard concretes. High capacity production is easily accomplished with Cellular Concrete.

Cellular Foam can be used for grouting tunnels, soil stabilization, as a bridge or overpass abutment fill, to fill utility trenches, provides thermal and acoustical insulation for roof decks or floor decks, it can be used for precast blocks or walls, for architectural or decorative precast material, for pipe and tunnel abandonment, as a lightweight option for raised platforms and so many applications.

Custom, Specialized and Unusual Concrete and Special Grout Mix Designs

The George L. Throop Company is often called on to produce concrete jobs that no one else can complete as easily. Often times, this means creating custom mix concrete mix designs. This can entail handling special raw materials, particular chemical admixtures, with environmental goals or creating concrete with specific performance characteristics. We go through strict quality control testing to ensure the customer’s mix design is produced.

Concrete Production in Remote Locations using Mobile Batch Plants

We specialize in concrete projects in remote locations. They can be on mountain tops, on an island, on barges or vessels — the locations can be anywhere. We can produce Type II, Fast Setting or Rapid Set concrete, colored concrete or any other concrete needs in remote locations – mountain tops, isolated areas, in rivers, lakes and at the waters-edge – we are flexible. We excel in these types of situations where regular ready-mix is too far away or not practical and production can be stopped or started at any time.

Emergency Response Program and Non-standard Work Times

We will work around your schedule — that means that there might be times when the work needs to be done at 2:00 a.m. in the morning when there isn’t a lot of traffic or usage. We’ll be there for you — whenever you need us.

Colored concrete mix is a specialty by George Throop Company in Pasadena, CAColored Concrete and Grout

Over the years, the Throop Company has been called on to match many different colors from old historical structures to new projects that need additional material. Our services are a blend of scientific materials knowledge and hands on artisanship. Our staff can recommend different colors along with possible chemical and physical aging techniques to help you get the perfect look you are striving to achieve. Our trucks are equipped with custom designed pigment feeders that are calibrated for each job to insure a quality job every time.

Soil Remediation and Environmental Cleanup on Contaminated Soil

The George Throop Company performs soil and environmental remediation. We specialize in stabilization/solidification technology. Stabilization and solidification technology relies on the reaction between a binder and the soil to stop, prevent or reduce the mobility of the contaminants. Remediation usually has regulatory requirements involved based on the assessments of human health or ecological risks in place.