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Greensand Plus for water filtration works to oxidize, precipitate and remove iron in water filtration systems.Greensand Plus is a unique medium used in conjunction with a filtration system to oxidize, precipitate and remove iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. It also can be used when arsenic or radium are being removed by the co-precipitation process.

Since the development of Greensand Plus in the early 1950s, thousands of large and small systems using this media have been installed.

While it is not suitable for every iron and manganese application, Greensand Plus, by design and operation, does possess great flexibility as an oxidizing filter media. It has been incorporated into nearly all manufacturers’ point-of-entry iron filters and has established itself as the one of the most popular technologies for iron and manganese removal from municipal and industrial well waters, as well as other waters containing these substances.

We also carry silica sand and many other specialty sand for water filtration applications.

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