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Photo of Silica Sand held in a hand. Silica Sand is used for glass making, silica sand for foundry, golf courses, oil and gas industryThe chemical compound silicon dioxide is also known as silica sand. Filter silica sand consists of hard, durable, and dense grains of predominantly siliceous material that will resist degradation during handling and use. Our silica sand meets up-to-date AWWA B100 specifications. ANSI/NSF required media must be requested.

Silica sand is used frequently in water filtration systems and also in many other industries. When silica sand is used as a filtering medium, it is used for the removal of undissolved solids and bacteria from municipal and industrial water supplies. The Throop Company can supply silica sand in bulk. Different sizes of filter sands are placed in uniform layers most of the time for filtration over specified sizes of rounded rock in their uniform layers. The upper layers of sand perform the filtering function with the lower, coarser layers acting as a support.

Throop Company sells Silica Sand in bulk around the US and throughout the world in containers The George L. Throop Company can provide freight to your job site or business in 100 lb bags or super sacks in southern California, in the western United States and anywhere in the U.S. There are 50 lb bags available depending on the media requested and the specifications. Freight cost is based on the classification, weight, number of pallets and destination distance. We also supply filter media including silica sand to many different parts of the world.

Silica sand is used in many industries:

  • water filtration
  • water treatment plants
  • golf courses
  • sand boxes
  • abrasive in blasting and scouring
  • grinding and polishing of materials
  • building products such as roofing tile and sand-lime brick
  • chemical filtration systems and in the chemical manufacturing industry
  • glass making
  • making of crystal
  • foundry and molding sands and for manufacturing refractory brick
  • painting
  • oil and gas industry in hydraulic fracturing of oil well reservoirs

Our silica sand meets the following specifications:

  • gradation
  • cleanliness
  • specific gravity
  • acid solubility
  • porosity

The following silica sand particle shapes are available:

  • angular to sub angular
  • round to sub round

Available packaging of silica sand:

  • 50 lb sacks
  • 100 lb sacks
  • 3,000 lb Supersack bags
  • Bulk dumped

Transportation available for silica sand:

  • Pneumatic trucks
  • Flat beds
  • Van-style trucks
  • Shipments throughout the United States are available and we also coordinate containers for overseas shipments