The Throop Company has worked on almost every freeway or highway in southern California from San Diego, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Santa Monica (just to name a few). We have poured Rapid Set concrete and Type II cement in places like Las Vegas, Lost Hills, King City, the San Francisco bay area, Sacramento, in Nevada, New York, the state of Washington and many other cities and states.

The Throop Company sells FastPatch concrete repair product that fills spall patches in concrete on city streets. POLYQuik FastPatch concrete repair products repair concrete spalls, voids or break-outs in concrete from airport runways, busy highways and roadways, to warehouse buildings, parking lots and sidewalks, and more.

We work under general contractors who coordinates the cutting and removal of the damaged slabs, prepares the areas for the concrete, and performs the placing, finishing, and curing of the concrete. The Throop Company is primarily involved with producing concrete; but we know and understand the process of the freeway panel replacement operation so well that we can help the general contractor with recommendations and suggestions.