TAMCO Steel Mill Contaminated Soil Cleanup

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TAMCO Steel Mill Contaminated Soil Cleanup Project Arrow Highway, Rancho Cucamonga, CA California Department of Toxic Substances Control 1,875 cubic yards treated

Excavated Contaminated soil cleanup by George Throop CompanyBlocked drains caused storm flooding at the Tamco property. Storm water runoff flowed through a railroad bridge and deposited lead contaminated sediment onto adjacent property south of the Tamco property.

Clean Up Technology was hired and conducted an assessment of the contaminated area. Bench scale tests were conducted and determined that Cement Kiln Dust from California Portland Cement would be the best medium to treat the contaminated soil.

Soil remediation polluted soil cleanup by George Throop company using mobile batch plantGeorge L Throop Co. mobilized a mobile concrete batch plant unit to the site. Cement Kiln Dust and the contaminated soil and material were calibrated in the mixing unit one ingredient at a time using a portable digital platform scale and super sacks (3000 lb samples). Water was also calibrated using a 275 gallon tote.

All the excavated contaminated soil material was removed until the native material showed no sign of contaminants. All soil was scalped using a Read Screen All to a 1.5″ minus. It was decided to treat all excavated material at 20%.

Approximately 50 cubic yard batch samples were produced and set aside to be sampled. Samples were taken off site and tested to verify the treated soil passed the requirements.

When samples passed then production began. Production was stockpiled and sampled every shift. When test results came back as meeting or beating the required levels, the material was put back in the excavated areas and recompacted. All processed soil materials passed and this project was completed under budget, on time and with no lost time from injuries.

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