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Airports – Concrete Runway and Taxiway Repairs

On a daily basis, airports exceed the capacity for which they were designed. Our nation’s runways and taxiways are The George Throop Company uses Rapid Set Concrete to repair and replace cracked and damaged airport runways and taxiwaystaxed to the limit and are in need of repair and upgrading on a continual basis.

Regular Portland Cement (RPC) can take days, even weeks, to achieve the required compressive strength. Closing a runway for even one day, much less several days, can throw an airport into turmoil with delayed flights, irate customers and can result in lost revenue. The solution for timely airport concrete rehabilitation projects is to use the George L. Throop Company in combination with Rapid Set cement (RSC). By using RSC, the airport runway, taxiway, sidewalk, lighting upgrade, or hardstand can be reopened in two hours or less after concrete placement — saving you time and money. In addition, Rapid Set cement is more durable than Portland Cement and exceeds standards set by FAA-P501 specifications.

George Throop Company does airport runway and taxiway concrete repairs using Rapid set fast setting concrete so that runways can be used within two hours of replacing the concreteRepairing airport runways, taxiways and hardstands has to be done quickly with knowledge and expertise. Mistakes with concrete can be costly. The Throop Company has had experience with all types of weather which can play an important part in making sure that the concrete sets properly.

In addition to different environmental conditions, we have and continue to work with tight time schedules. We have many years of experience working on airports all over the United States.

We have performed concrete repairs at the following international and regional airports:

After the Rapid Set was produced and placed by the George L. Throop Company, various contractors performed the completion of the placing, finishing, and curing. The taxiways and runways were returned to service within a few hours of placement.

The George L. Throop Company has also placed cellular foam concrete used for utility trench fills and soil stabilization at airports.

Concrete work was performed at the following airports where the Throop Company worked as a sub-contractor under a general contractor: