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George Throop Company worked on the Los Angeles public library concrete construction LEED projectWorking under Sinanian Construction Development and Management Company as the general contractor, the Throop company was hired to produce a concrete that was lighter in color than normal concrete for the Los Angeles Public Library on Western Avenue and 39th Street in Los Angeles, California.

The result of using a lighter in color concrete was that islands gave off less heat and were more reflective which helped the parking lots and sidewalk areas to be cooler. The George L. Throop Company used Type III cement to achieve the color requested. Several concrete pours were involved with all the concrete being pumped.

This was a LEED’s Project (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). LEED’s is a style of design that is fast becoming very common and popular across the country.

LEED certified buildings typically use resources more efficiently when compared to conventional buildings which are simply built to code. LEED certified buildings often provide healthier work and living environments, which contributes to higher productivity and improved employee health and comfort.

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Often when LEED certification is pursued, costs for the initial design and construction will increase. However, these higher initial costs can be effectively mitigated by the savings incurred over time due to the lower-than-industry-standard operational costs which are typical of a LEED certified building and the surrounding area. Additional economic payback may come in the form of employee productivity gains incurred as a result of working in a healthier environment. Studies have suggested that an initial up front investment of 2% extra will yield over ten times the initial investment over the life cycle of the building.

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