Airport Concrete Sidewalk Repair

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When Rapid Set fast setting concrete is used for airport sidewalks the sidewalks can be opened up to the public within an hour of being placed by the George Throop CompanySidewalks at airport passenger drop-off points are extremely busy places getting continual abusive use. Using Rapid Set® concrete to repair airport sidewalks and walkways eliminates the need to use plates or barricades that could be trip hazards. All work is typically completed at night with normal airport usage open to the public by 5:00 a.m. With each project and location listed below, we were on-time. Besides the quick return to use that occurs when using Rapid Set concrete, the other advantage is that there is no damage to the walkway or sidewalk from luggage wheels, carts, or high heels because of Rapid Set attaining high strength so early. In addition, color of existing concrete can be matched.

An example of where we have performed airport sidewalk repair is at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California. Call and let us give you a bid to replace your airport sidewalk.